African & African American Studies

East Carolina University’s Program in African and African American Studies consists of an interdisciplinary BA major and minor housed in the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. The program’s comparative focus and multidisciplinary emphasis complement many existing programs that seek to prepare undergraduate students for competitive careers and productive work in a global world of different cultures, political systems, and economic infrastructures. Students pursuing a degree in AAAS will develop a broad perspective on human values and ethnic diversity, as well as an understanding of the socio-political, religious, and historical evidence related to African peoples, both in Africa and the diaspora communities of North America and the Atlantic World. Students may specialize in either the African or the African American concentration in the major. The minor combines both concentrations. Undergraduates are encouraged to double major in AAAS and another course of study at East Carolina University.

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For more information, contact the Director, Dr. Jarvis Hargrove, 252-328-1035.